254. Kataifi prawns with kimchi mayonnaise9,00€

255. Chicken curry & iberian ham croquettes6,00€

256. Boneless suckling pig lacquered with hoisin and apple chutney18,00€

257. Angus burger with Mahon cheese & caramelized onion with soy9,50€

258. Iberian pork with mushrooms and trujfie16,00€

259. Grilled octopus with patato cream18,50€

128. Cream of courgette with yellow curry6,00€

619. Vegetable gyoza dumplings6,50€

156. Baked aubergine “meatballs” with sun-dried tomatoes, and Neapolitan sauce and pesto12,00€

159. Stir-fried vegetables with curry and coconut milk10,00€

01. Miso soup6,00€

Miso soup with tofu, leek & wakame seaweed

02. Wakame salad7,50€

Seaweed salad with crab sticks, cucumber & sesame seeds

03. Salmon skewer6,50€

2 salmon skewers with Teriyaki sauce

183. Edamame5,50€

Soy beans

127. Breaded fish8,00€

Panko coated fried sh served with a sweet sesame sauce

31. Spring roll*4,50€

Spring roll

32. Fresh Vietnam roll (2 pieces)4,50€

Lettuce, carrot, avocado, vegetables & rice pasta

34. Chicken & mango roll4,80€

Roll of fresh mango with chicken & mint

35. Way salad*6,50€

Mixed leaves, avocado, carrot, apple & pineapple served with a sesame sauce & cashew nuts

38. Hot & sour soup**6,50€

Hot & sour soup with meat, bamboo & tofu

39. Chicken & sweetcorn soup6,00€

44. Honey roasted spare ribs10,50€

Honey-roast spare ribs

45. Chinese bread2,00€

05. Mixed sashimi (12 pieces)19,80€

The purist and most traditional dish from Japan. Cuts of fresh, raw fish

109. Japanese taco9,50€

House sushi

24. Temaki (1 piece)6,50€

Cone formed by a sheet of nori, stuffed with rice, salmon, tuna, cucumber,
lettuce, crab stick, avocado & tobikko

111. Sushi bowl18,50€

Tuna or salmon poke bowl

06. Sushi moriawase (12 pieces)18,20€

Nigiri and Maki: fingers of rice topped with assorted raw fish & rolls of seaweed with rice and raw fish in the center (tuna, salmon, etc…)

07. Hosomaki moriawase (18 pie.) *Vegetarian option available17,80€

Thin rolls of rice with a layer of nori on the outside and filled with raw tuna, salmon & cucumber

08. Nigiri moriawase (10pieces)19,50€

Small fingers of pressed rice covered with strips of assorted raw fish

09. California maki normal (8 pieces)12,80€

Uramaki roll stuffed with cucumber, avocado and crab stick, rolled in Nori and rice & coated with toasted sesame seeds

11. Dragon roll (8 pieces)22,00€

Uramaki with crab stick, avocado and cucumber, wrapped in eel, avocado, tobikko, sesame & Teriyaki sauce

13. Rainbow roll (8 pieces)18,00€

Uramaki with crab stick, avocado and cucumber, wrapped in avocado, tuna, salmon, smoked eel, king prawn, sea bass, coated with sesame seeds & Teriyaki sauce

15. Scandinavia roll (8 pieces)18,00€

Uramaki with crab stick, avocado and cucumber, wrapped with salmon, avocado & seaweed

16. Spicy tuna (8 pieces)**21,00€

Uramaki with crab stick, avocado and cucumber, wrapped in tuna & avocado served with a spicy sauce

17. Tempura roll (8 pieces)20,50€

Maki with 2 langostines & leek fried in tempura, avocado & tobikko

18. Futomaki (8 pieces) *Vegetarian option available16,50€

Seaweed roll with rice, crab stick, avocado, Japanese radish, seaweed, Japanese courgette, tamagoyaki, Dempu & tobikko

19. Maki tempurizado (8 pieces)19,50€

Maki Roll filled with breaded chicken & avocado, then fried in tempura, served with Tonkatsu sauce

23. Special sushi (24 pieces)45,00€

Special assortment of Nigiri, Maki…


Supplement for Sushi/Sashimi with only tuna and/or salmon & other changes5,00€

619. Vegetable Dumplings (6 pieces)6,50€

620. Chicken Dumplings (6 pieces)6,50€

621. Pork Dumplings (6 pieces)6,50€

Chinese dumplings, lightly griddled

622. Xialongbao (6 pieces)10,00€

699. Xialongbao (12 pieces)18,00€

Small baozi stuffed with meat

623. Wagyu Bao (1 piece – 200gr.)15,00€

Steamed chinese bread stuffed with Wagyu (japanese burger)

178. Grilled dim sum (6 pieces)9,00€

245. Grilled dim sum (12 pieces)17,00€

Chinese steamed meat bread lightly marked on the griddle

610. Tuna Tataki18,00€

Seared tuna

611. Salmon Tataki15,00€

Seared salmon

185. Octopus7,00€

119. Salmon6,50€

191. Vegetable6,00€

113. Chicken wings6,50€

184. Wagyu (Japanese beef)10,50€

192. Fish of the dayS.P.M

114. Salmon15,50€

182. Squid fish14,00€

186. Grilled cod18,00€

187. Grilled turbot20,00€

239. Octopus18,50€

242. Black cod36,00€

118. Lamb chops15,00€

180. Pork16,00€

189. Rump cap18,00€

117. Chicken baby13,50€

193. Beef tenderloin with foie25,00€

243. Wagyu (japanese beef)35,00€


*All accompanied by delicious asian vegetables wok

85. Chaolaofan rice8,50€

Special fried rice with shrimp, roast pork, pineapple, crabstick & soy sauce

88. Fried rice with three delights8,50€

Fried rice with ham, carrot, peas & egg

89. Egg fried rice*8,50€

Egg fried rice

90. Plain rice*3,00€

Boiled rice

97. Chicken fried rice7,50€

Chicken fried rice

91. Noodles with vegetables*7,80€

Vegetable Chow-Mein (contains egg)

92. Noodles with chicken8,50€

Chicken & vegetable Chow-Mein (contains egg)

94. Noodles with three delights9,00€

Three delicious fried noodles (beef, chicken & prawns) with vegetables & egg

95. Yakisoba noodles9,00€

Fried noodles with chicken, shrimp, sesame seeds & vegetables

98. Prawns with noodles9,00€

Fried vermicelli rice noodles with prawns & vegetables

110. Yaki udon11,50€

Fried thick udon noodles with beef & vegetables

49. Prawn chop-suey16,50€

Wok cooked prawns & vegetables

51. Kong-Bao prawns**16,50€

Prawns sauteed with carrot, pepper, onion & cashew nuts

52. Hong Kong style prawns18,50€

Fried prawns coated with a sweet, sticky sauce & sesame seeds

502. Thai prawn curry****16,50€

Thai style prawns with aubergine in a coconut & curry sauce

55. Cantonese style duck**16,00€

Cantonese style crispy duck served on a bed of spicy vegetables

57. Peking duck (1/2)28,00€

Crispy aromatic duck, served with pancakes & hoisin sauce

43. Peking duck (1/4)15,00€

Crispy aromatic duck, served with pancakes & hoisin sauce

64. Beef in oyster sauce19,50€

Beef and vegetables with oyster sauce

65. Beef curry****10,80€

Beef & vegetables in a curry sauce

66. Beef with mushrooms & bamboo13,50€

Beef with chinese mushrooms and bamboo

68. Hong Kong beef**15,00€

Crispy chilli beef with sesame seeds

70. Black peppered sirloin steak**21,50€

Diced fillet steak with black pepper and vegetables

515. Diced garlic steak22,00€

Diced sirloin sauteed with garlic

60. Beef with ginger & spring onions13,50€

Beef with spring onion & ginger

58. Sirloin steak21,00€

Beef fillet with onions & Japanese sauce

75. Sweet & sour chicken

Battered chicken balls and vegetables in a sweet & sour sauce

76. Chicken with almonds9,80€

Chicken with almonds & vegetables

77. Kong-Bao chicken**10,50€

Chicken with carrots, peppers, onion & cashew nuts

78. Chicken curry****10,80€

Chicken & vegetables in a curry sauce

79. Lemon chicken10,80€

Breaded chicken served with a lemon sauce

106. Ganbian chicken**12,80€

Crispy chilli chicken with ginger

99. Hong shao tofu*

Fried red tofu with vegetables

100. Mapo tofu****

Tofu with a spicy chili sauce, meat and chestnuts

102. Chop suey vegetable wok*8,80€

Wok cooked vegetables

801. Japanese aubergine*7,00€

Fried half aubergine with special Teriyaki sauce

82. Chicken nuggets with chips

Home-made chicken nuggets & chips

83. Chips*4,50€

Portion of chips

194. Menú A – 15,00€ per person (minimun 2 persons)

Spring roll, Soup or Chinese salad

· · · · ·

Three delicious fried rice

Beef with house sauce**

Chicken with almonds

194. Menú B – 20,00€ per person (minimun 4 persons)

Chicken & mango roll, spring roll, Soup or Chinese salad

· · · · ·

Three delicious fried rice

Beef with ginger & spring onions

Chicken curry****

Chop suey vegetable wok

Kong-Bao prawns**

235. Menú C – 25,00€ per person (minimun 2 persons)


Mixed dumplings

· · · · ·

Cantonese style duck**

Black peppered sirloin steak**

Hong Kong style prawns

Plain rice*

196. Menú D – 30,00€ per person (minimun 2 persons)

Salmon skewer, Miso soup or Green Japanese salad

Gyozas, chinese dumplings, lightly griddled (4 pieces)

· · · · ·

Japanese taco – House sushi (2 pieces)

Tuna or salmon poke bowl (2 units)

197. Menú E – 30,00€ per person (minimun 2 persons)

Vietnam roll (2 pieces)

Chicken & mango roll (2 pieces)

· · · · ·

Peking duck 1/4

· · · · ·

Beef fillet with black pepper

Lemon chicken

Chaolaofan special fried rice

198. Menú F (Fish gril) –
30,00€ per person (minimun 2 persons)

Grilled octopus skewers

Mixed dumplings

· · · · ·




Squid fish

Norway lobster (2 pieces)

Asian vegetables to the wok

199. Menú G (Meat grill) –
30,00€ per person (minimun 2 persons)

Vegetable Yakitori

Mixed dumplings

· · · · ·

Lamb chops

Rump cap


Chicken baby

Beef tenderloin

Asian vegetables to the wok


*Set menus do not include drink or dessert

VAT included



****Extra Spicy

Tartar de salmón marinado con aguacate y huevas de TOBIKO, con tostas


Tartar de atún rojo con sésamo, aguacate y jengibre, con tostas


Pan de cristal a la brasa con tomate y aceite de oliva


Chuletón de ternera de Irlanda 600gr. a la brasa con perol de patata y pimientos del padrón


Hamburguesa de Angus con queso Mahon y cebolla caramelizada con soja


Langostinos kataifi con mahonesa kimchi


Croquetas de pollo al curry y jamón ibérico


Cochinillo deshuesado lacado con hoisin y chutney de manzana


Pulpo a la brasa con crema de patata


Crema de calabacín al curry amarillo


Gyozas de verdura


Albóndigas de berenjena asada con tomate seco, salsa napolitana y pesto


Verduras salteadas con curry y leche de coco


01. Sopa miso6,00€

Sopa miso con tofu de soja, puerro y algas wak

02. Ensalada Wakame7,50€

Ensalada de algas con palitos de cangrejo, pepino y sésamo

03. Pinchito de salmón6,50€

2 pinchos de salmón con salsaTeriyaki

183. Edamame5,50€

Vainas de sojas

127. Pescado empanado8,00€

Pescado frito con rebozado de panko y salsa de sésamo dulce

31. Rollo de primavera*4,50€

Rollito de primavera

32. Rollo de Vietnam fresco (2 piezas)4,50€

Rollito de lechuga, zanahoria, aguacate y pasta de arroz

34. Rollo de mango con pollo4,80€

Rollito de mango fresco con pollo y menta

35. Ensalada Way*6,50€

Ensalada con lechuga, aguacate, zanahoria, manzana, piña y salsa de sésamo con anacardos

38. Sopa agripicante**6,50€

Sopa con carne, brotes de bambú y tofu

39. Sopa de pollo con maiz6,00€

44. Costillas de cerdo asadas10,50€

Costillas de cerdo asadas con miel

45. Pan chino2,00€

05. Sashimi variado (12 piezas)19,80€

Lo más puro y tradicional de Japón. Cortes de pescado crudo exclusivamente fresco

109. Taco japonés9,50€

Sushi de la casa

24. Temaki (1 pieza)6,50€

Cono formado por una hoja nori, relleno de arroz, salmón, atún, pepino, lechuga, palito de cangrejo, aguacate y tobikko

111. Sushi bowl18,50€

De atún o salmón

06. Sushi moriawase (12 piezas)18,20€

Nigiri y Maki: deditos de arroz cubiertos con un corte de pescado crudo variado y rollitos de algas con arroz y pescado en el centro (atún, salmón, etc…)

07. Hosomaki moriawase (18 pie.) *Disponible opción vegetariana17,80€

Rollitos de arroz con una capa exterior de nori y rellenos variados de atún, salmón y pepino

08. Nigiri moriawase (10 piezas)19,50€

Pequeños bloques de arroz prensado cubiertos por una tira de pescado crudo variado

09. California maki normal (8 piezas)12,80€

Uramaki relleno de pepino, aguacate, y palito de cangrejo, enrollado con alga Nori y arroz cubierto de sésamo tostado

11. Dragon roll (8 piezas)22,00€

Uramaki relleno de palito de cangrejo, aguacate y pepino, envuelto en anguila, aguacate, tobikko, sésamo y salsa Teriyaki

13. Rainbow roll (8 piezas)18,00€

Uramaki relleno de palito de cangrejo, aguacate y pepino, envuelto de atún, salmón, anguila, langostinos, dorada, aguacate, sésamo y salsa Teriyaki

15. Scandinavia roll (8 piezas)18,00€

Uramaki de palito de cangrejo, aguacate y pepino, envuelto en salmón y aguacate con alga nori

16. Spicy tuna (8 piezas)**21,00€

Uramaki de palito de cangrejo, aguacate y pepino, envuelto en atún y aguacate acompañado
de una salsa picante

17. Tempura roll (8 piezas)20,50€

Maki con 2 langostinos y puerro frito en tempura, aguacate y tobikko, cubierto de alga

18. Futomaki (8 piezas) *Disponible opción vegetariana16,50€

Rollito de algas con arroz, palito de cangrejo, aguacate, rábano japonès, algas,
calabacín japonès, tamagoyaki, Dempu y tobikko

19. Maki tempurizado (8 piezas)19,50€

Maki relleno de pollo empanado y aguacate, rebozado en tempura y frito, con salsa Tonkatsu

23. Special sushi (24 piezas)45,00€

Surtido especial de Nigiri, Maki…

Suplemento Sushi/Sashimi solo atún y/o salmón u otros cambios 5,00€

619. Gyozas de verdura (6 piezas)6,50€

620. Gyozas de pollo (6 piezas)6,50€

621. Gyozas de cerdo (6 piezas)6,50€

Empanadillas chinas rellenas y marcadas en la plancha

610. Tataki de atún18,00€

Atún ligeramente marcado a fuego

611. Tataki de salmón15,00€

Salmón ligeramente marcado a fuego

185. Pulpo7,00€

119. Salmón6,50€

191. Vegetal6,00€

113. Alitas de pollo6,50€

184. Wagyu (ternera japonesa)10,50€

192. Pescado del diaS.P.M

114. Salmón15,50€

182. Calamar14,00€

186. Lomo bacalao18,00€

239. Pulpo18,50€

118. Chuletitas de cordero15,00€

180. Secreto ibérico16,00€

189. Picaña (ternera)18,00€

117. Picantón (pollo)13,50€

193. Solomillo con foie25,00€

243. Wagyu (ternera japonesa)35,00€

*Todo acompañado de deliciosas verduras asiaticas al wok

85. Arroz frito chaolaofan8,50€

Arroz frito especial con gambas, cerdo asado, piña, palito de cangrejo y salsa de soja

88. Arroz frito tres delicias8,50€

Arroz frito con jamón dulce, zanahoria, guisantes y huevo

89. Arroz frito con huevo*8,50€

Arroz frito con huevo

90. Arroz blanco*3,00€

Arroz blanco

97. Arroz con pollo7,50€

Arroz frito con huevo y pollo

91. Tallarines con verduras*7,80€

Tallarines fritos con verduras y huevo

92. Tallarines con pollo8,50€

Tallarines fritos con pollo, verduras y huevo

94. Tallarines tres delicias9,00€

Tallarines fritos a las tres delicias (ternera, pollo y gambas) con verduras y huevo

95. Tallarines Yakisoba9,00€

Tallarines fritos con pollo, gambas, sésamo y verduras

98. Fideos con gambas9,00€

Fideos de arroz fritos con gambas y verduras

110. Yaki udon11,50€

Tallarines gruesos udon fritos con ternera, verduras y sésamo

49. Chop-suey de gambas16,50€

Gambas salteadas con verduras al wok

51. Gambas Kong-Bao**16,50€

Gambas salteadas con zanahoria, pimiento, cebolla y anacardos

52. Langostinos Hong Kong18,50€

Langostinos rebozados con salsa dulce y sésamo

502. Gambas al curry****16,50€

Gambas al estilo tailandés con berenjena y salsa de curry y coco

55. Pato cantonés**16,00€

Pato crujiente en una cama de verduras picantes

57. Pato Peking (1/2)28,00€

Pato crujiente, servido con creps y salsa de marisco

43. Pato Peking (1/4)15,00€

Pato crujiente, servido con creps y salsa de marisco

64. Ternera con salsa de ostras19,50€

Ternera y verduras con salsa de ostras

65. Ternera al curry****10,80€

Ternera con verduras y salsa curry

66. Ternera con setas y bambú13,50€

Ternera con setas chinas y bambú

68. Ternera Hong Kong**15,00€

Ternera cortada en tiras crujientes con salsa agridulce y sésamo

70. Solomillo de ternera**21,50€

Dados de solomillo de ternera a la pimienta negra

515. Solomillo al ajo22,00€

Solomillo salteado con ajo

60. Ternera con cebolleta y jengibre13,50€

Ternera con cebolletas y jengibre

58. Solomillo de ternera21,00€

Solomillo de ternera con cebolla y salsa Japonesa

75. Pollo agridulce con verduras

Pollo agridulce con verduras

76. Pollo con almendras9,80€

Pollo con almendras y verduras

77. Pollo Kong-Bao**10,50€

Pollo salteado con zanahoria, pimiento, cebolla y anacardos

78. Pollo al curry****10,80€

Pollo y verduras con salsa al curry

79. Pollo al limón10,80€

Pollo rebozado con salsa al limón

106. Pollo ganbian**12,80€

Pollo crujiente con salsa agripicante y jengibre

99. Hong shao tofu*

Tofu rojo frito con verduras

100. Mapo tofu****

Tofu con salsa picante de guindilla, carne y castañas

102. Wok verduras chop suey*8,80€

Wok de verduras variadas

801. Berenjena a la japonesa*7,00€

1/2 berenjena frita con salsa especial Teriyaki

IVA Incluido



****Extra Picante


Spring roll*

Chinese salad*

Hot & sour soup**

Chicken & sweetcorn soup

Main course

Beef with oyster sauce

Chicken with almonds

Lemon chicken

Sweet & sour pork

Sweet & sout chicken

Side dishes

Eggfried rice

Fried noodles with vegetables


Mango roll

Japanese salad*

Miso soup

Fried maki

Mixed dumplings

Grilled chicken wings skewers

Main course

Kon-bao prawns

Salmon Teppanyaki

Pork ribs

Grilled sea bream

California rolls

Maki rolls

Grilled chicken

Grilled lamb chops

Side dishes

Egg Jried rice

Fried noodles with vegetables

Yakisoba noodles


Mixed sushi platter

Wakame salad

Grilled salmon skewers

Grilled chicken skewers

Main course

Cantonese style crispy duck

Grilled iberian “secreto” (a pork cut)

Sushi bowl mixed salmon & tuna

Fillet steak

Grilled squid fish

Side dishes

Egg fried rice

Fried noodles with vegetables

Yakisoba noodles


Russian salad with smoked sardines and papadum crunch

Cesar salad rolled in rice paper

Tomato, avocado and mango fartar with soy marinated with anchovies and tobiko roe

Chicken curry and kimchi croquettes with panko and Iberian ham breading

Main course

Low temperature cooked pork rib with Japanese BBQ sauce and pickled onion

Chargrilled entrecóte with garlic, soy and citrus

Chargrilled rump cap with chimichurri sauce

Freshly squeezed orange juice


Detox juice


Fresh fruit juice




Smoked salmon & cheese


Sobrasada (paprika spiced cured sausage)




Ham & cheese


Iberian ham


Pork loin


Lomo plancha


Chicken salad


Sandwich de jamón y queso


Sobrasada & Mahon cheese


Mahon cheese & avocado


Smoked salmon & avocado


Iberian ham, egg & spinach leaves




Butter & Jam


Avocado, lime, black pepper & coriander


Avocado & scrambled egg


Salmon, avocado & spinach leaves


Fried egg, spinach leaves & iberian ham


Fried egg, spinach & smoked salmon


English Breakfast




Chocolate croissant


Ham & cheese croissant


Pancake with banana & honey


Pancake with Nutella